harry, in particular, was awful

bailey, 21. thank you! it was horrible

my mom told me I had to pack while she went grocery shopping so we could watch pll and day drink when she gets back but instead I’m hiding under a blanket playing kim k and watching the food network READY4SENIORYEAR



Drake and Nicki.


Beach Goth aesthetics

Anonymous asked: Bailey hELP ME I saw a boy at the pools today and he was like 13 and he looked like Harry and he was shirtless and I'm so old and I cannot have this boy

oh god buddy unless so old is 14-15 you just gotta keep walkin


Things to consider from what I know about 1D:

  • Liam is super buff so he’s probably most dangerous so an experienced scrapper should take him on in a good clean fight. I’ve heard he’s scared of spoons tho? Bring spoons if you have to fight dirty
  • Zayn is probably decent at fighting but most of his skills come from the fact that his face stuns opponents, so someone really short and below eye level should fight him (this also prevents his opponent from easily harming his face)
  • Louis can’t fight. I can tell just by looking at him. He looks like the guy who hides under the bar during the bar fight, and then pops up behind random opponents to comically smash bottles over their heads. Also his butt is too shapely in proportion to the rest of his body. That’s not the butt of a fighter 
  • Niall looks sweet and charming but he’s also Irish, and that means he loves to brawl probably, but he’d also be good-natured about it and you could probably laugh and get a drink with him afterwards (perfect for me)
  • ???? Harry Styles??? No idea what his battle stats are. Go for his skinny legs

andrew_zuk: First full day in LA and I run into Niall Hoarn and Zayn Malik. Zayn is a bit camera shy but they were so nice! Bit blurry because I was fan girling 💗🙌🎶 #onedirection

Title: "Are we friends" actual pitch
Artist: Harry Styles
Album: This Is Us
Plays: 36690


since it’s evident that the tracks from This is us have been changed in a higher pitch, here’s Harry’s real voice.

and it’s 3737248349393 times better.